User agreements

The PedsQL scales, modules and translations are protected by copyright with all rights reserved to Dr. James W. Varni .

The conditions for use of the PedsQL scales, modules and translations are described in the user agreement that must be completed by any party who wishes to use and/or translate the PedsQL scales, modules and translations.


The licence fee for using the PedsQL scales, modules and translations, varies according to the study type and financing, as follows:

Not funded academic research Free
Funded academic research Cost per study
(click for detailed cost structure)
Large non-commercial organization research and evaluation (e.g. States, Nations, Hospitals, Healthcare Systems)
Commercial studies
Unlimited research, evaluation and clinical use on a yearly contract Annual license fee
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How to proceed to receive the user agreement(s)?

Mapi Research Trust a not for-profit company located in France , distributes the PedsQL internationally. If you are interested in using the PedsQL , please have the user-agreement completed and signed and returned by fax to Mapi Research Trust. (Please note that original signed user-agreement must follow by snail mail)

To be provided with an estimate of the fees that may be requested, please contact using the information below.

Information Resources Centre
Mapi Research Trust
27, rue de la Villette
69003 Lyon
Tel: +33 4 72 13 65 75
Fax: +33 4 72 13 55 73

Not to be reproduced without permission.
Copyright © 1998- James W. Varni, Ph.D. All rights reserved.