User agreements

The PedsQL scales, modules and translations are protected by copyright with all rights reserved to Dr. James W. Varni .

The conditions for use of the PedsQL scales, modules and translations are described in the user agreement that must be completed by any party who wishes to use and/or translate the PedsQL scales, modules and translations.


The licence fee for using the PedsQL scales, modules and translations, varies according to the study type and financing, as follows:

Not funded academic research Free
Funded academic research Cost per study
(click for detailed cost structure)
Large non-commercial organization research and evaluation (e.g. States, Nations, Hospitals, Healthcare Systems)
Commercial studies
Unlimited research, evaluation and clinical use on a yearly contract Annual license fee
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How to proceed to receive a license for the use of the PedsQL™?

Mapi Research Trust a not for-profit company located in France, distributes the PedsQL™ internationally. If you are interested in using the PedsQL™, please visit ePROVIDE™.

If you are an academic user, you can access the PedsQL™ and translations at no charge via the ePROVIDE™ Online distribution process.

For any other types of use, please submit your request via ePROVIDE™.

To be provided with an estimate of the fees that may be requested, please contact using the information below.

Mapi Research Trust
27, rue de la Villette
69003 Lyon
Tel: +33 4 72 13 65 75

Not to be reproduced without permission.
Copyright © 1998- James W. Varni, Ph.D. All rights reserved.