The PedsQL Measurement Model is a modular approach to measuring health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in healthy children and adolescents and those with acute and chronic health conditions. The PedsQL Measurement Model integrates seamlessly both generic core scales and disease-specific modules into one measurement system.

The PedsQL Generic Core Scales are:
Brief (23 items)
Practical (Less than 4 minutes to complete)
Flexible (Designed for use with community, school, and clinical pediatric populations).
Developmentally Appropriate (Ages 2-18; Child Self-Report Ages 5-7, 8-12, 13-18; Parent Proxy-Report Ages 2-4, 5-7, 8-12, 13-18).
Multidimensional (Physical, Emotional, Social, School Functioning).
Reliable (Total Scale Score: 0.88 Child Self-Report; 0.90 Parent Proxy-Report).
Valid (Distinguishes between healthy children and children with acute and chronic health conditions; distinguishes disease severity within a chronic health condition).
Responsive to clinical change over time.
Translated into multiple languages including broadcast Spanish.

The 23-item PedsQL Generic Core Scales were designed to measure the core dimensions of health as delineated by the World Health Organization, as well as role (school) functioning. The 4 Multidimensional Scales and 3 Summary Scores are:

Physical Functioning
(8 items)
Emotional Functioning
(5 items)
Social Functioning
(5 items)
School Functioning
(5 items)
Summary Scores
Total Scale Score
(23 items)
Physical Health Summary Score
(8 items)
Psychosocial Health Summary Score
(15 items)

The PedsQL Condition-Specific Modules

  • Complement the Generic Core Scales for use in designated clinical populations.
  • Designed to provide greater measurement sensitivity for circumscribed populations.
  • Disease-Specific Modules available for asthma, rheumatology, diabetes, cancer, and cardiac conditions, with additional modules in the development and planning stages.

  • Newsletter for the PedsQL Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory
  • Sample PedsQL Child-Self Report (ages 8-12)
  • Sample PedsQL Parent-Proxy Report for Children (ages 8-12)

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